Monday, March 4, 2013

Queens College MFA Show - Spring 2013

                                                                                                                                         Postcard design by: Qi Zhu

Shared Spaces

Queens College, CUNY
MFA Exhibition 2013

Curated by Liz Park

Opening Saturday March 23, 6–9pm
March 23 – April 2, 2013

23 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007

Complimentary catalogue available at the exhibition.

Pablo Alvarez
Sol Aramendi
Seth Aylmer
Barrie Cline
A. Coffey
Chris Esposito
Christie Farriella
Kristie Hirten
Marthe Keller
Henry Kielmanowicz
Thea Lanzisero
Lauren Nickou
Liz Pasqualo
Jose Serrano-McClain
Amanda Shea
Kara Szemelynec
Asia Sztencel

In urban design, the term “shared space” refers to an area where demarcating features such as traffic signs, road markings and curbs are removed in order to heighten the awareness of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of each other’s presence. By increasing the sense of uncertainty, those who enter a shared space tend to become more attentive to others. A shared space necessitates an ongoing negotiation.

The 2013 Queens College MFA exhibition takes its title from this idea that those who enter a shared space must acknowledge the presence of others with different practices, vehicles, speeds, and methods of working. This exhibition similarly recognizes and highlights the distinct bodies of work that each artist has developed over the course of their time at Queens College.

Working alongside one another, the artists have developed affinities and share mutual concerns. For instance, Sol Aramendi, Seth Aylmer, Barrie Cline, and Jose Serrano-McClain create a social space – a shared space of a different kind – through events, workshops, classes, and community outreach and organization.  Another group of artists, Chris Esposito, Kristie Hirten, Kara Szemelynec, and Asia Sztencel explore elements of their urban environ or man-made structures in juxtaposition with the natural environment. Pablo Alvarez, Henry Kielmanowicz, Thea Lanzisero, and Liz Pasqualo are interested in picking up the material detritus of their urban fabric in order to provide commentary on socio-economic conditions or on the ecology, or to reflect on their individual connections to these materials. Yet another group of artists, A. Coffey, Christie Farriella, Marthe Keller, Lauren Nickou, and Amanda Shea explore a more intimate subjective relationship with the materials and the media in which they each work.

Within a shared space of interactions, there is always the risk of collision and rift. The exhibition acknowledges the limitations of shared spaces. The artists create work that may not sit comfortably beside one another. Nonetheless, they share a site of learning. In so doing, they must necessarily look around in order to navigate their way through many such shared spaces.

Special thanks to the office of the President of Queens College for their generous support.

Photos from CAA/Hilton Intervention

Take a look below at a few images from our intervention in a Hilton hotel room during CAA.   For a two-day, self-produced, flash-mob type of exhibition it was fairly successful.  The amount of visitors we received surprised everybody.  Seems the word got out among the conference-goers.  We guess there are only so many art panels you can participate in before you actually want to see some art! 
 Among the notable art world guests were Hans Haacke, Carol Becker, Antoni Muntadas, and Carin Kuoni.  In the middle of a conversation with Hans Haacke about art censorship, security paid us a visit and shut down us down for having too many people in the room.  Perfect!

 More photos here.