Friday, October 15, 2010


October 19th
Klapper Hall, Room 401

"Richards Smit’s work is far from realistic or in anyway tasteful. In fact it is totally the opposite. His main project centring on bizarre videos in the name ‘black comedy’ which although mildly amusing could also be filed under misogynistic soft porn with the artist making pouty young women take their clothes off while he oogles and doctors performing some peculiar examinations on young Asian ladies. You are free to make up your own mind." -Art Sleuth, November 2009

"Guy Richard Smit uses stand-up comic routines and garish watercolors to skewer 80's-style art stardom, painting and, ultimately, himself. On video he plays a number of characters, most frequently the sleazy, lethally egomaniacal painter Jonathan Grossmalerman (roughly, Big Painting Guy), dripping with sweat, political incorrectness, chemical dependency and self-loathing." - Roberta Smith, Art in Review, NYTimes, March 2000

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